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"I want to thank you again for all the amazing assistance you provided to us while we were on the search for a new Office Assistant. Using JobsinME really made all the difference for us and I am just overjoyed that we decided to use your services over others. Not only was your customer service phenomenal, the website was user friendly and stress free. Thank you for everything you do!"
- Stephanie Landry
Combined Benefits United

"I am already receiving responses, so I'm pleased. I've used JobsInME.com in the past and always found it to be a fast and cost effective way to recruit."
- Darlene MacLeod, Executive Director
Ronald MacDonald House of Bangor

"We received a great response for our two open positions and are in the second round of interviews for both. JobsInME.com is the place to advertise, and we saved money by not advertising in the newspapers this time around. Will be in touch as needed when we have other openings."
- Dani Kalian, Executive Assistant
Maine Health Access Foundation

"Everything went wonderfully. It was the best use of our budget dollars that I have ever spent in the hiring process. Easy, efficient, effective. Thank you! I will definitely use you for all future postings for our company."
- Lesa Ouellette, Owner
Hannan's Electric

"I am so pleased with JobsInME.com for two reasons. Number one: we've received a ton of qualified applicants. Number two, and maybe more importantly: as webmaster for my website, Google does see the links from your website to mine. I love it."
- Dr. Norman Medina, DDS
Seasons of Smiles Dental

"The Sea Dogs have found great success in advertising their open positions on JobsInME.com. The process to post a job was quick, easy and convenient. This allowed us to keep our focus on baseball rather than the posting and hiring process. Based on the number of qualified applicants we quickly received, it is clear to us that JobsInME.com is the premier place for employers to search for new talent."
- Liz Riley
Portland Sea Dogs

"As always, I get more applications from this site than any other place I have ever advertised before. It works out well for the City."
- Brenda Harrington
Rockland City Hall

"Working with JobsInME.com for the past two years has been a pleasure. Our account manager has always been very helpful and always available with good, sound suggestions. Her knowledge of what JobsInME.com has to offer and how to use it to get the best results has been a real plus to Stewart Response Group. I would recommend JobsInME.com to anyone who is looking for a cost effective way to find people who are looking for employment."
- Joan Jenkins, Recruiter
Stewart Response Group

"JobsInME.com has been very instrumental in helping Pen Bay Healthcare fill many openings over the last few years. We are so pleased that they have the Apply Online feature that directs candidates directly to our website. They offer great customer service and a product that is both effective and easy to use!"
- Erika Stone, Recruitment Specialist
PenBay Healthcare

"I have been very pleased with the applicant responses generated from our ads on JobsInME.com. We have experienced a significant ROI with this service which has resulted in a number of successful hires."
- Lisa Noonan, SPHR, Director of Human Resources
The Park Danforth

"The City of Saco is definitely looking forward to subscribing once again to JobsInME.com. It was a huge success for us in obtaining qualified applicants. Thank you."
- Tammy Lambert, Personnel Officer
City of Saco

"JobsInME.com has been a great help to me and my client, Titan Machine Products. We are trying to find experienced CNC machinists to support Titan's growing business, and Heidi has been very helpful in putting together a recruitment package to support our efforts that has included a customized company page and job profile, as well as running banner ads to get job seeker attention. We are using radio advertising to reach these hard-to-find candidates, and it has been great to refer people directly to JobsInME.com for our job information."
- Johnna Major, President
Cornerstone HR, LLC for Titan Machine Products

"When I joined U.S. Cellular as a recruiter I ensured we renewed our subscription to JobsInME.com right away. We post all of our openings on your site. It is user friendly, and we find the best quality and quantity of candidates here. I also love using your Applicant Database to find passive job seekers. When I open a new job this is my first stop! I would strongly recommend JobsInME.com to any recruiter."
- Jessica Fairclough, Talent Acquisition Regional Recruiter
U.S. Cellular

"We received many quality candidates from our posting on JobsInME.com and expect to hire this week or next. We will definitely use this resource for professional openings in the future."
- Michelle Park, Human Resource Coordinator
Morris Yachts

"The site is easy to use and I'm always amazed at how quickly we receive responses."
- Claire Urquhart, Human Resources
York County Federal Credit Union

"I couldn't be more thrilled with JobsInTheUS.com. I absolutely LOVE this site."
- Missy Tasker
AAA Northern New England

"Oxford County Mental Health Services is very pleased with the service of JobsInME.com. We find the candidates that contact us to be a cut above the candidates we would get in the past through newspaper ads. We find we also save money by posting through you. JobsInME.com has made my job easier! And I thank you."
- Cindy Freeman, HR Manager
Oxford County Mental Health Services

"Our program is constantly looking for individuals to work in our In-Home Support Program. Since we began posting jobs with JobsInME.com, we have seen a steady pool of candidates come through our doors. People who respond to these ads are typically well-qualified and serious about wanting to work. Posting ads and making changes to ads is easy and has been cost-effective for our program. Thanks JobsInME.com for creating such an efficient recruitment tool."
- Judi Weston, Program Director
Woodfords Family Services

"As anyone working in Human Resources can tell you, our days are frequently unpredictable, but always incredibly busy. I have found your site to be one of the most valuable tools we have, allowing us to maximize the time we are able to devote to recruitment. The response from our position postings--in quantity and quality--has been first rate. Thank you."
- Don DuFour, M.A., Human Resources Coordinator
Tri-County Mental Health Services

"I feel that finding qualified health professionals and staff is always a challenge. However, JobsinME.com has proven to be a great recruiting tool for us. I recommend it to companies and job seekers alike."
- Jan Dimauro, HR Manager
Maine Eye Center

"We search for top quality employees throughout Maine. JobsinME.com is where we go to find those qualified candidates. It is fast and really delivers for us."
- Marsha Sawyer, SVP
Bar Harbor Bank & Trust

"Our last position was filled from our ad on JobsInVT, and this was after we had advertised on both your site and CareerBuilder. We found that while we got lots of applications from all over the country, the candidates that came from JobsInVT were better 'qualified' in the sense that they understood what it might be like to work in Vermont and why they wanted to relocate here. We consider this to be immensely helpful. Building a life in Vermont is not an arbitrary decision, getting job candidates that are pre-selected for Vermont is hugely important for us. Next time we will not bother to advertise anywhere else."
- David Zahn, Partner
Signal Advertising

"We at Omega Optical, Inc. applaud JobsInVT.com for their website and on-site staff! We have now reduced our recruiting fees because JobsInVT.com is the only website we need to locate local and well-qualified candidates for our open manufacturing positions. An excellent source for both job seekers and employers! Thanks, Denise, for going above and beyond to serve your clients."
- Jennifer LoCascio, Human Resources Coordinator
Omega Optical, Inc.

"We love JobsInVT.com! The site is extremely user friendly, posting a new position is very quick and easy! Our Customer Service Representative is very knowledgeable and great to work with. Best of all, we love the results we get - wonderful, qualified, local candidates!"
- Janet Kinney, Human Resources
Merchants Bank

"It's more than just a website; there are people behind the scenes that really make JobsInVT.com stand out."
- Jason Miller, Graphic Designer
University of Vermont

"JobsInVT.com is an easy and economical way for Sovernet Communications to advertise our entry-level positions to a large pool of active job seekers. The responses start flowing in the moment we post an opening. We are grateful for how cheerfully Denise works with us to meet our needs!"
- Thomasena Coates, Administrative Assistant
Sovernet Communications

"JobsinVT.com has provided Green Mountain Coffee Roasters with exceptional customer service and is an excellent value for our recruiting needs. They have been a great partner in our continued growth as a Vermont employer."
- Alex Haftarczuk, HR Generalist
Green Mountain Coffee Roasters

"Just joined last Thursday. I have deleted our job posting for Loan Servicing specialist after having secured a very qualified applicant in just over a week. Excellent value and timeliness."
- David Carter
Vermont Economic Development Authority

"As a Community Mental Health Center we are always in need of qualified and experienced clinicians. We've experienced frustrating variance in the number of responses when advertising through the area newspapers. Most times there would be practically no responses at all for several weeks. After subscribing to this service (JobsInVT.com), interested parties have been plentiful, from both in and around the state. Within 2-3 weeks of subscribing, we were able to fill a position that had been open for several months with an individual with wonderful qualifications. A few weeks later we found another excellent candidate that was eventually hired all the way from Wisconsin after graduating from an accredited Master's program. Job posting is a snap, pre-qualifying questions and online applications make the entire process so much better. Thanks."
- Jim Presson, M.Ed., Director of Mental Health Division
Northeast Kingdom Human Services

"We've received 86 resumes from the single posting we placed with JobsInVT.com! In our last campaign, we paid eight times as much to be in five different state-wide papers, and received less than a third of what JobsInVT.com netted us. When we advertise in the papers we get applicants. With JobsInVT.com we get resumes and highly qualified career seekers. Thank you!"
- Lafe Dutton
Vermont State Chamber of Commerce

"I've used your site for quite a while now and find it very easy to post and change a position without going through a lot of red tape. Applicants respond directly to me and can attach their resumes easily. We've hired many of those who apply, so it must be as easy to use for applicants as it is for me to post job openings. We hire a large number of seasonal employees and after posting on your site, the response rate is excellent and has made my job easier. Thanks and keep up the good work."
- Sue Schermerhorn, Sr. HR Generalist
The Vermont Teddy Bear Co.

"I wanted to pass on a thank you to you and your staff for all your help this summer. ADA Traffic Control is a family owned and operated business based out of Vermont and has always struggled to grow to that next level. Spending tons of money in advertising has always been a big issue for us as well. Once we decided to go with JobsInVT.com, JobsInNH.com, and JobsInNewYork.com, we quickly realized how much your services would help ADA. In 2013, ADA hired over 200 new employees, and that was mainly due to the relationship we had with your company and your abilities to reach out and tell everyone we are hiring. ADA grew to new and exciting levels this year at a third of the cost, and we couldn't have done it without you and your staff."
- Parick Murphy, Chief Operations Officer
ADA Traffic Control

"We tried a recruiting company, along with posting an opening on JobsInVT.com. The end result was that we hired someone through the JobsInVT.com posting."
- Tina Smith-Bixby
Sovernet Communications

"I wanted to let you know how beneficial it was to have Champlain Oil as one of the featured employers during the month of February. You never know when it is a good time to occupy that space or do a banner ad, but it worked out for us. We not only occupied that space on your website, but actually had two or three job ads live at the time when this all took place. Awesome timing on our part, that's for sure! Thanks again and, as always, it is wonderful working with you all at JobsInVT.com when it comes to employment ads."
- Scott Willard, Office Manager
Champlain Oil Company

"We just made an offer for the Receptionist/Administrative Assistant job posting and she has accepted. We only advertised on JobsInVT.com and the response was amazing. Thanks for all of your help!"
- Alice Delosa , HR Manager
Control Technologies, Inc.

"We log in whenever we need to employ additional staff members. JobsInVT.com has proven itself to be very beneficial."
- Lisa Gadway, PHR, Human Resources Manager
NorthCountry Federal Credit Union

"We feel that we get great coverage and response from our JobsInVT.com ads and are very pleased with what it brings us for candidates. The site is incredibly easy to use and much more efficient over placing newspaper ads. We can post and change our ads quickly, and candidates can apply directly online - which increases application speed and allows us to distribute the resume information electronically to our hiring committee members. JobsInVT.com is a valuable resource to our recruiting efforts, and the return on our investment is outstanding."
- Jena Trombly, Director of Human Resources & Compliance
Clara Martin Center

"I just wanted to say that I have been using JobsInNH.com for years now. Using your site has worked out extremely well for our business. We are able to get many qualified applicants to interview and hire. Without JobsInNH.com, we would have Open Jobs In NH!"
- Shawn Pushee, HR Director
Keene Medical Products

"I wanted to pass on a thank you to you and your staff for all your help this summer. ADA Traffic Control is a family owned and operated business based out of Vermont and has always struggled to grow to that next level. Spending tons of money in advertising has always been a big issue for us as well. Once we decided to go with JobsInNH.com, JobsInVT.com, and JobsInNewYork.com, we quickly realized how much your services would help ADA. In 2013, ADA hired over 200 new employees, and that was mainly due to the relationship we had with your company and your abilities to reach out and tell everyone we are hiring. ADA grew to new and exciting levels this year at a third of the cost, and we couldn't have done it without you and your staff."
- Parick Murphy, Chief Operations Officer
ADA Traffic Control

"We have found the perfect person for our administrative assistant! Advertising on your site was a positive experience and we are delighted with the outcome."
- Rev. Margaret 'Maggie' Lewis
First Baptist Church

"Unlike other online resources, JobsInNH.com caters to our local community. As the nation's first credit union, we take pride in our heritage and servicing our members and community. Using JobsInNH.com allows us to advertise job openings to thousands of New Hampshire residents. Giving back to our community with job opportunities and a great place to work is an important contribution we like to make."
- Pamela Roy, PHR, VP Human Resources Officer
St. Mary's Bank

"As an employment professional who works with job seekers, I have to say that I am thrilled with the advice you give employers with regard to their recruiting and screening efforts. Being open to overqualified and unemployed candidates, not sticking on salary, and maintaining positive and professional interview etiquette are points that are so important in any and especially in the current employment climate. Thanks for sending me your great newsletters. I continue to applaud your site vocally."
- Donna Richards, Job Search Consultant
Crystal Expressions

"Since we have been a JobsInNH.com client I have found it to be probably the best recruiting tool that I use; more so than our own website postings and/or newspaper ads. As soon as I post something on JobsInNH.com I typically receive 10+ resumes within the first 24 hours. I find it to be user friendly and effective and plan to continue usage in my role as a healthcare recruiter."
- Kim May
Home Healthcare, Hospice & Community Services

"Thank you again for your support of the Rey Center and our Curious George Cottage Family Festival. We have listed JobsInNH.com as a sponsor on the festival event guide and on our website. It is nice to know that your organization supports local non-profits - we certainly appreciate it! "
- Audrey Eisenhauer, Interim Executive Director
Margret and H.A. Rey Center

"Thanks for checking in! Everything is going great - JobsInNH.com has proved to be a fantastic tool for locating qualified candidates! I could easily say that 95% of our last 10 new hires were found through you! We're moving to a paperless HR office, so getting the applications and resumes through email has made the transition much easier."
- Jennifer Newsome, Human Resources
PainCare Centers, Inc.

"Claremont Savings Bank has been using JobsInNH.com for job postings since 2006, and every year it gets better and better! We have hired candidates from tellers to our President of Claremont Savings Bank through postings on you site. In the past year, we have hired two people who wanted to relocate back to Claremont from other states and found their position with us through JobsInNH.com. Not only has our recruiting been successful, but the customer service provided is outstanding. Our representative is always reading our ads and letting us know if we should change something or highlight something differently. Thanks to JobsInNH.com, we have found some outstanding staff members."
- Beverly A. Widger SPHR, Sr. VP of Human Resources
Claremont Savings Bank

"As we come up for renewal with JobsInNH.com, there is no question in my mind - we will absolutely be renewing our subscription. I would also like to tell you that we have tried several 'competitor sites' and still get the best response from JobsInNH.com. With JobsInNH.com being local to New Hampshire, the applicants we receive are exactly what we're looking for. The minimal cost of your service and the benefit we receive is by far more superior to your competitors. Keep up the good work."
- Magalie Dumont, BS, Human Resources Asst.
The Mental Health Center of Greater Manchester

"It's refreshing to jump on a website, enter the necessary information, and receive daily updates. Your font styles, website setup and job opportunities make it easy to do job searches. Thank you!"
- Dorie Dawkins, Professional Sales Consultant
Referral Institute NH

"I was recommended to JobsInNH.com by a fellow hotel General Manager. I placed an ad for a Guest Services Agent with the user-friendly template and started receiving resumes immediately. As a result, we had numerous, well qualified applicants and ended up hiring one of the individuals who found our job posting on JobsInNH.com. Thank you for your excellent customer service and helping us find our newest team member!"
- Frank LaGrande
Holiday Inn Express

"You guys really do have a great web site - that's where I go first when I'm looking for new companies coming into the NH area. I don't even bother with Monster and CareerBuilder any more. So, keep up the great work!"
- Karen Bachelder
New Hampshire Business Review

"When I joined U.S. Cellular as a recruiter I ensured we renewed our subscription to JobsInNH.com right away. We post all of our openings on your site. It is user friendly, and we find the best quality and quantity of candidates here. I also love using your Applicant Database to find passive job seekers. When I open a new job this is my first stop! I would strongly recommend JobsInNH.com to any recruiter."
- Jessica Fairclough, Talent Acquisition Regional Recruiter
U.S. Cellular

"Thank you to JobsInNH.com for providing Holy Rosary Credit Union with a great avenue to seek and find several quality candidates. Your website is user friendly and the customer service is superb. The cost of advertising is considerably less than newspapers. Thanks again for making my job easier."
- Chris A. Patrowicz, AVP of Human Resources
Holy Rosary Credit Union

"I could not be happier with JobsinNH.com! We have successfully filled key positions in our company at all levels of hiring needs. The online application process and pre-screening questions are terrific time savers for job seekers and for us. The candidates have been successful and made strong contributions in our fast paced non-profit company. We have renewed our subscription as a result of our satisfaction with the quality of services and job seekers who contact us. I strongly recommend JobsInNH.com to those who seek qualified candidates in the workforce."
- Paula Fortier, Associate Director
Opportunity Networks

"I would like to say that my experience with JobsInNH.com has been nothing less than extraordinary. Your level of customer service is first rate and your follow up proves that you are actually interested in our company succeeding. We have successfully found our ideal candidate within two weeks of our job posting. I will highly recommend this site to others--as I have already. By far the most effective recruiting tool."
- Jennifer Mazzei
J Maze Design

"We have been extremely pleased with the response we have gotten from your website. I posted a job at 10:00 am, and by noon I had two candidates. I love JobsInNH.com because it is New Hampshire based and we get local candidates. Compared to our other recruiting methods we are definitely getting a good bang for our buck."
- Dawn Barker, Human Resource Specialist
RiverWoods At Exeter

"We did not believe that we would be able to find someone in time to be of value during our peak busy season, but by posting the ad on JobsInNH.com, it found its way to the right individual in Tennessee. JobsInNH.com is clearly our #1 recruitment source. Thanks for helping us fill that 'hard-to-fill' position."
- Sarah Olson, HR Manager
Berry Dunn McNeil & Parker

"I find the site very easy to use. It's affordable and brings us some great candidates. Since we have been using JobsInRI.com, we have received approx. 575 resumes from applicants who saw our postings on your site. Out of the 576 resume we received, 403 of them were quality candidates that were sent to the hiring managers, 62 were interviewed and we have hired 29! We have filled 29 positions with JobsInRI.com candidates!"
- Michelle Richard, Human Resources Assistant
NRI Community Services

"We are very satisfied with JobsInRI.com. We track our referral source and our employee referral is #1 but JobsInRI.com is our 2nd referral source, which says a lot because you beat our local papers and college campus advertisements."
- Sally Parsons, Personnel Coordinator
Perspectives Corporation


"JobsInME.com helped me find more than a job. It landed me career at U.S. Cellular where I have worked for the past two years. Every step of the application process was very thorough, and I want to personally thank JobsInME.com for helping me find a rewarding career with advancement opportunity."
- Nathan Schuster

"JobsInME.com really worked for me. In September I was living in Chicago and made up my mind to move to Maine. November 14th I started my new job in Portland, and I heard about the job from JobsInME.com. Thanks again!"
- Randy

"I became unemployed on December 5, 2008. My son helped me to set up my account on JobsInME.com right away. I had a few interviews within the first several months but no job offer. I checked for new jobs every day and sent my resume to many employers. Finally, at the end of May and beginning of June, I had phone calls and interviews from five employers. On June 17 I was offered a job from SMMC Visiting Nurses - the position I wanted the most. I start on June 29. It has been a long, stressful six months, but I have to thank the JobsInME.com website for posting my new position. I am very excited to be going back to work."
- Liz Coughlin

"I wanted to thank you. I just accepted a position that I found using JobsInME.com. My gratitude comes from being old enough to have experienced going from door-to-door and manually sending out resumes... I had a new job in the amount of time it would have taken me to prepare for my search in the 'old days' - all without spending a penny for the service."
- Jim Reardon

"I find your Saved Searches and your site easy to use, certainly better than, for example, BostonWorks.com which routinely offers old jobs as newly posted. I very much like being able to receive in my Saved Searches, certain positions available in Southern New Hampshire (from your sister-site, JobsinNH.com), and only those within a commutable distance from my home in southern Maine. Keep up the good thinking and execution."
- Ted

"I found a great job in Portsmouth using your web site. It only took me a short amount of time to get this fantastic job. Thanks so much for this resource."
- Ruth

"My 1st interview was on a Monday, my 2nd on a Tuesday, my 3rd on a Wednesday, at 5:54 a.m. On Thursday, I had a job offer emailed to me from the owner. Thanks JobsInNH.com for your incredible postings. Your search criteria found the exact match for my background."
- Curtis Cabaniss

"I just wanted to thank you! Thanks to your website, after nine months of searching in different places, I finally got a permanent job! I'm so grateful to you, I had to let you know. The job market is so hard at this time that any kind of help is very valuable and very appreciated. And that is why your service is so important to the community. Once again, from the bottom my heart, thank you and may God bless all of you."
- Betzy Ortiz

"The JobsinVT.com website was very user friendly and had high quality jobs within my area. It was easy to design searches and broaden them as desired. I got a great job in my field of expertise that also is involved with helping improve the job market and economy at a time when it is really needed. I feel great about that!"
- June

"A friend told me about JobsInVT.com. So, I logged on and tried the site. In the first day, I had 2 responses. By the end of the week, I was hired by a full-time manufacturing company, exactly what I was looking for. The greatest job search tool I've found. Thank you JobsInVT.com!"
- Steven

"Wow, your company has come a long way! I remember using your site when it was JobsInME.com and no other states. I now live in Rhode Island and need your services again... my how life changes. Just glad I found an old friend again. Keep up the GREAT WORK."
- June Perry

"I am very impressed with your website. I have been seeking a professional position for the past three months primarily using Monster and Careerbuilder. Then someone told me about this website, which I found does a much better job of targeting jobs in my state, my area. My interview percentage increased, and the quality of the job openings got better as well--which meant less wasted time filtering out the 'junk'. I found, interviewed for, and have accepted a professional position yesterday with just exactly the kind of position and organization I was looking for! And the entire process took less than six weeks. Well done JobsInRI.com, I will sing your praises to any and all that I meet that are looking for a new job!"
- Brad Smith